Pete Lowe

At the meeting of the full council on Monday evening Dudley Conservative and UKIP Groups voted together in proposals that will see a loss of £1.1million pounds to the council.

Proposals put forward by the Labour Group would have resulted in an extra £3.1 million being invested specifically in to Adult Social Care and a further £2.1million per year invested in general council services.

The proposals put forward would have meant that Dudley would have remained the lowest council tax authority in the West Midlands whilst investing much needed funds in to Adult Social Care and front line services for local people.

Unfortunately Dudley UKIP group who originally stated that they would not support the extra money for elderly and vulnerable residents or the extra money forfrontline services then decided to do a deal with the Conservatives and propose an amendment calling for a private company to be brought in to look at further cuts that could be made.

Dudley council has seen a reduction of over £76 million since 2010, rising to £92 million by 2019/20 and this budget follows a motion put forward last week calling on the government for a fair funding deal for Dudley.

Councillor Pete Lowe, Leader of the Council Said:

“It’s clear to see that UKIP and the Conservatives in Dudley have no grasp on the financial difficulties facing the council, not only do they seem to not think our area has suffered enough but the proposals they have passed will see less funding and more cuts, with the money being taken from council reserves”

On Monday we had a situation where UKIP didn’t want to support any increase in funding for local services, including for elderly and vulnerable residents but then voted with the Conservatives for a 4% rise and a Conservative Cabinet Member advocating the end of consultants and then voting for an increase in consultants”

“The proposals passed mean that residents in Dudley on average will save around 2.5p a week whilst taking an extra £1.1million pounds out of the budget which could have been spent on the services that we all rely on”

“One thing that was made clear at the meeting on Monday is that if residents in Dudley vote UKIP, they get the Conservatives and if they vote Conservative, they get UKIP, something that would be a disaster for areas like mine and for the borough as a whole”

“I’m from Dudley, I grew up here and I love the place, that’s why I want the best for our borough and our people, so I’ll keep campaigning for a fair funding deal for Dudley from this Government”



  1. Absolutely disgraceful! Councillors should be working to deliver the best services for residents and not playing political football to the detriment of our area. I would be more than happy to pay an extra few quid per week to protect our vulnerable. The whole think stinks of a set up so that labour take the blame when services are cut. I hope this is all being made public through the media!


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